Photographs for Sale

The following are the photographs I have up for sale either as cards, part of a calendar, or framed. Each is numbered and when informing me of the ones you wish to buy, please refer to them by number and then describe what you want done with them (framed, cards, etc.) I will also be posting an order form. Please fill out the order form and then email it to me at, end your order with your name and email. I will email you your receipt including shipping, then I will work on your product(s). I require payment before I mail you your finished product to ensure payment and because I do not accept credit card. Exceptions can be made, just please email me about it. I accept cash or check (Written to Amanda Hopkins). Thanks!! 🙂

All pictures are marked with my copyright symbol. Please do not copy photos and/or remove my symbol. This is greatly appreciated! If you wish to have my copyright mark removed from the products you order there will be a $1.00 fee per product or a $6.00 fee for 5 or more products in one order. Removal of my symbol removes my chance of individuals noticing my work, that is the reason for the small fee. When ordering cards, my symbol will not be removed but it will be covered by the card material so it will not detract from the card. Thank you!! 🙂