Exploring an Abandoned Resort

Sunrise Resort

Went on an awesome hike today to Sunrise Resort. Sunrise was once a booming resort that housed up to 500 vacationers at one time. It was known for its theme weeks, theme meals, parties, music, and family atmosphere. Sadly, in 2008 Sunrise was sold to the CT Government and since then it has fallen into ruins. It has been vandalized (windows smashed, piping ripped out of the walls, items stolen, etc.) and nature has begun to reclaim it. This once beautiful resort, that I had the privilege of visiting on a school trip in middle school, is now a ghost town resembling Chernobyl. Everything is left the same as it was as if the people had simply vanished. The only thing that has disrupted this atmosphere of “frozen in time” is the many vandals that have swept through like a tornado. The office still contains the paperwork, brochures, bill stubs, etc that where there when the resort had been open (albeit they are now strewn all over the place). Why was it left this way? Why are there still bed sheets neatly folded on top of beds waiting for vacationers that will never come? I cannot say. It is an ominous place to visit but is still a gorgeous area. Luscious woods, fluttering butterflies, bird calls, and the sun shining down on you. While there, one can still feel the “spirit’” of Sunrise that was once present when it was full of tourists and vacationers walking its paths, swimming in the pools, and eating in the dining halls. Will this place ever return to its former glory? We will have to wait and see.