Welcome to the new photography website for Hidden Wonders Photography; Photography by Amanda Hopkins!! My name is Amanda Hopkins and I am an amateur photographer trying to get my pieces out into the world and possibly land some photography jobs. I have been working with cameras and taking pictures since I was a child and have (in the past year) finally started building my portfolio in hopes of reaching my goal of being a professional photographer. This site contains my photographs of many different subjects in many different settings. I have had the amazing privilege to take stills on the Connecticut independent film, Sensory Perception (an Al Signore film) that I talk about in my blog and have also been able to work with people such as Wrestler Tommy Dreamer, Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, singer Kris Keyes, etc and many EXTREMELY talented Connecticut actors! So far this journey to reach my dream has been amazing and an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait for the possible opportunities life has coming my way!! Feel free to comment on ANYTHING (comments help me improve my photography and help me learn what others wish to see on this site) and don’t forget to follow my page and share with your friends!! Enjoy 🙂